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Budget Bookshelf Speakers

New video and build plans are available! I wanted these speakers to be easy to build and budget-friendly. Hopefully, beginner woodworkers/speaker builders will dare to try to build these – Low risk, high reward.  I think they look really good and they sound amazing. The small 4″ woofers give you surprisingly deep bass and they are great for music.
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My ‘Daily Driver’ Bluetooth Speaker

Build Plans Finally Available

Build plans for my ‘Daily Driver’ Bluetooth speaker is now available from my website. It is easy to build and it looks good in any home. If you are a first time speaker builder and wants to learn more this is the best option for you.

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The Soundbar

The Soundbar is a custom ordered speaker. Depending on your location you can but all the parts including the amplifier from 200-300€. 

The speaker grill is what make it interesting in my opinion, and besides that, it is a really simple project. Build plans are available for purchase.

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Console table

My Console Table/ Media Console was a result of Modern Maker Podcasts Rockler Plywood Challenge. Where you were allowed to build something with one sheet of plywood. I think the challenge was a big success with many great projects. Checkout rocklerplywoodchallenge hashtag on Instagram to see more. 

I’m pretty happy with my build. There is some tweaks I would do if I built it again. One of them is to make the legs a bit more interesting. As for the sound it would be cool to mount a hidden subwoofer under the table. 

The sound is great as is but for the extra bass punch a subwoofer would be a nice add. 

If you want to build this project you can buy my build plans. 

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Walnut Bluetooth Speaker

I wanted to build a modest bluetooth speaker for everyday use. Something that you can put on your kitchen counter or a bookshelf in your living room. 

I wanted the speaker to have a slight tilt upwards to make it a bit more interesting, but also to direct the sound towards the listener. 

It was the first time working with walnut, since it is pretty uncommon and hard to get a hold of where I live. 

Build plans will be available soon.